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It 's a deformation from 5 in french...Thanx to you Boz & Elliot of RollMops !!!!!!!

Well,since I was too tired to write my long ex-handle I decided to make it short,but it still had to have some meanings (to make it fun)... My name is DJAMYANG-NYEMA.It's a Tibetan name and when translated it does mean 'The sun of Wisdom' (Nice no ?) So as I wanted to make it short I decided to take the pseudonym of Sun.That's the reason. Everything has to have a meaning... or it's useless at my eyes. Don't you think so ??

It is a cartoon heroe !!!

Ok let me (Sun, of course) Tell ya about the name gelfling, it was kougar who choosed that handle for the sysop (as they are kind of relatives)... so my point of view is that Gelfling does mean somethings like small guy (eg: a dwarf...) coz we cannot say that Gelfling is a small guy, but KOUGAR is, so he wanted to balance the tall guy with a handle meaning short... that's it guy, quite a brilliant demonstration isn't it ?! (C.Q.F.D)

Sun speaking...As REDLIGHT is quite a buzy man (3 demos at the same time & some other stuffs,I will do the job for him (hehehehe)...(forgive me Reddy) First of All everybody do know what does Redlight means (except S.Hammouche who need to translate it to non-english martians)... my point of view on the pseudo of redlight is that as his routines does crash often he does to go insane with his routine, & he looks like a Warning Light (red) meaning 'if u crash once more fucking amiga,I'll crash u too'...easy to understand no ?...

Sun speaking...Again...Well Dear CROQUIK as u are not disponible (that's why u are a D.N.D) let me explain your way of choosing handle... I remember that a CROQUIK is that thing who drinks hot chocolate(publicity at french television) and who is always trying to get back his chocolate which has been stolen by some chocolate-thiefs (do u believe that?) & so croquik mind is more attracted to only one thing a time, his studie for example. And his less than inactives... 3 years pursuing his chocolate...

I (Sun) will try to tell u the origins from the pseudo of my friend Kougar (he refused to tell me, so i will guess it)... well, first of all Kougar does love cats, so that's may be the first reason. Let's say that the animal Cougar is quite ferocious and have a long tail... that may be the second reason but it is not as appropriate as the first one. that's it guys...

My first handle was THE FOX and it was shit! So I wanted another one that nobody got yet, a real french handle... As I like NAPOLEON (the emperor!) as a historical heroe, I took this pseudo and I'm proud to call myself Napoleon!

I like the actor CHEVY CHASE, a famous american comic. And the day I choose my handle I was watching the movie 'On Fletch's heels' (Note that it's the traduction from French title, I'm not sure about the original title) with CHEVY CHASE...

Once upon a time

Our group was born in 1989...Yes, 5 years of existence ! The founders of the group are Croquik Kougar and Redlight The name Dreamdealers was found by Kougar (when he was young). (Tony: Some guys told me that Dreamdealers is also a music band ? If you know about this, please tell me +33 71 63 77 53 ask Antony)

Many guys have joined the group until 1989...

Today in the end of year 1993 ,the member list looks like this:


Many people joined us, then left us , here are some names : Alex, Nam, Tik, Gryzor, Moby, Ra ...Some of them left the scene, others joined international groups (yes, we are a national group) & one joined the world famous organizer of the Garden Parties -les heretiques- this poor guy is Freddox (sun: may his soul rest in peace...)

The demos, the fellow

Here is a list of our released productions and the guys involved :

You can get them on Dreamlands , or by mail if you write to Antony .

A little tip for the Arkham Asylum demo : there is an hidden part... If you want to access it, then type COMBIEN OUI with AZERTY keymap during the end scroller ( it's CO,BIEN OUI with QWERTY kepmap ) (sun: try this on all of our others demos & discover the secrets parts!!!) Well seems that there is Drd members that we do not even know... the only members are those you have seen some times ago (memberlist) nobody else is one of us... so take care , coz these guys may be addicted to some heavy drugs (to think being a drd without being one is quite an abnormal thought).

About DRD Germany

Tony heard of 4 or 5 German guys claimed to be Drd members but this is WRONG The only German member was Rakim , and he was asked to left 3 weeks after joining , mainly because of letters and phone calls we received about him.

We never claimed to be elite...(sun: i claim to) As stated in commercials from the fake German division ! We are 100 percent french ! That's it ! (sun: i'm half tibetan too, do not forget)

Another thing : Antony is not the world leader of Drd as stated ! There is no leader in the group ! (sun: sure it's not tony, hopefully for us)

the future

Most of our members have got A1200 and A4000 Although we still have many routines and graphics to release on the good old 68000 , our future projects will run on 68020, 30, 40 computers.
I do think that most amiga groups and software houses should do this if they want the Amiga to keep being popular.


Since a long time we've been interested by the world of modems, modems was the fastest way to send the things we needed for our demos... it was really attractive. The first guy in DRD who got a modem was Kougar , it was an HST 14.4, i do not remember when but it was a hell of a time ago, since we've been more & more involved with modems. And then Kougar wanted to make a BBS, it was quite a hard task & a lot of money to spent in,but Kougar was decided with the Help of Gelfling he settled the things for the BBS...
Then Sun & Tony joined the project, we tried many BBS proggys before finding the one suited to our need.Kougar doesn't wanted to make a BBS just for file exchange he wanted it as a place for discussions too.
That's why CNET was choosed...
with CNET power u can do wathever you want (eg: make a clone of amiexpress

After a long time, DREAMLANDS was born , we waited for the first users to come (a desesperate time)...After sometime two Guys Helped us to get the BBS running -Hal & Yragael- , we've got more & more file we were growing bigger. nowadays DREAMLANDS users are about 200 ,that's a small number,but modemwares are just beginning in France. Before, u needed to buy it outside, nowadays u can find good quality modem which are not too much expensive (eg: ZyXEL) the Rolls Royce of Modems are still expensive (DUAL) but we got one cheap Now Half of DRD members are equipped with modems... We've got one of the biggest BBS in france... DREAMLANDS is now running since 1/1/93 & is running LEGAL...

this little chapter was laid by Sun (Tony wasn't able to avenge the modifications i made in his text here...)